New in the studio!

New textures, some new original artwork and some reworking of old photos! I’ve also started to use some new filters and techniques to give some of my images a more painterly look.

If you are interested in my Fine Art Textures please visit PhotoMelange, I offerer, or at least try to offer, a free texture every month as well as links to purchase packages of my textures in my Creative Market / Photomelange shop including the original CatHairStudios textures originally found on Flickr.

My new personal artwork for sale can be seen here: 

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My Flickr photostream showcases my playground portfolio – non-commercial artwork and textures

Flickr Artwork

Fine Art Textures!

The Original CatHairStudios Textures & the New PhotoMelange Textures

After “discovering” the Flickr website in 2008 I fell in love with all the images I saw using fine art textures, they added such a wonderful atmosphere and dimension to all the images – I was fascinated!

I started out as most people do downloading the free textures from Flickr and incorporating them into my own work, and from there I started entering some of the friendly competitions held in some of the texture groups… even won a few of the competitions here and there!

Sometime in 2010 I decided I wanted to create my own textures, just to see if I could make textures that rivaled the amazing textures my fellow artists were creating… So I made a few, made a few more, people began asking for more of my texture and so I made event more!

My commercial use texture sets can be seen here: 

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My texture resource center for free textures and tutorials is which can be seen here. 

Flickr Artwork

I have a number of FREE Fine Art Textures available for download from my site, and I have a number of small inexpensive texture sets available in my shop on Creative Market.

Motifs and Patterns!

New, Original, Arts and Crafts Movement Motifs and Patterns

I’ve been in love with Art Noveau and Arts and Crafts Movement motifs and patterns for many, many years. My love of both these styles was basically a springboard for the creation of Cat Hair Studios! Over the years I have created a number of motifs and patterns, and from time to time have used them on note cards and stationery items. I am currently in the process of re-introducing some old motifs, creating new fun, contemporary stylized motifs and exploring some new patterns.

You can purchase pillows, shower curtains, tote bags and more from my shop on Society 6:

Two patterns that have been in my shop for a while now – and are my my best sellers!

Cat Hair Studios … PhotoMelange!


The Official Troublemaker!

In 2004 I purchased my first digital camera and began a journey. It started with photographing something I was really crazy about at the time – Art Nouveau pottery and tiles. Using those photos I created and sold – stationery, greeting cards and note cards.

The name Cat Hair Studios came as a result of making my own Art Nouveau tiles based vintage motifs. The tiles were made using a process of coating the top of a pre-fired ceramic tile with a gesso paste, then letting that paste dry over night. At the time one of my cats liked to sit next to me as I worked. The gesso was a thick and sloppy and I guess maybe the cat liked the smell or something??

Anyway, the tiles would be left out to dry all night. And it seemed that with every batch of painted tiles at least one would have a tiny cat hair embedded right in the middle of the tile. There was no way to remove it, the paste dried hard as a rock so in the trash it went — good thing I made more than one at a time!

Once I photographed the tiles, began creating the cards and selling them, I needed a fun, creative name for the studio which is when I thought back to my little cat issue and voila! Cat Hair Studios!!

As time went on my interests turned towards photographing landscapes and flowers and also exploring the use of a post processing technique I had just found out about which involved using fine art textures. These digitally created textures were created by manipulating of layers of photos that were then blended together to create a new “textured” image. I had never seen anything like them until I joined Flickr in 2008!

So in 2008, going by the handle “cathairstudios”, I joined up with a fantastic growing group of people with the same crazy passion for textures that I had, and I soon began to create my own textures and offered them on Flickr. After a while I was getting requests for more and more textures that other artist could use as part of artwork that they wanted to sell. So sometime in 2012 I started up another studio to called Photomelange where I offered, and continue to offer, textures for sale for personal and commercial use — there are also a number of free textures to download!

Cat Hair Studios has gone through many changes over the years and it will always continue to evolve. Cat Hair Studios was my first personal artistic playground where I could freely experiment with all types of mediums and media and share my artwork with others in the hope of inspiring them to find their own personal artistic playground.

Thanks for visiting!

Just some fun stuff I’ve made recently!

If you are interested in purchasing my work as prints, or home decor items,
I offer my work for sale on the following sites: – framed prints, canvases and prints. – metal posters with a unique hanging system that uses magnets instead of nails. – an assortment of home decor items, prints and more.